Bad [GORGEOUS] boy: Ash Stymest

We looove drama from time to time and we have this strange attraction for the badass boys. The kind of guys who wear black leather,  have this skater look, show off tattoos, think they can do whatever they want anytime anyplace, have this party monster & rock n’ roll attitude, smoke cigarettes, are a little vain, careless, naughty and so confident about themselves ❤ But at the same time who have this kinda baby face and you can see in their eyes how sweet they are (at least in their inner soul).

I’m totally obsessed by this men and Ash Stymest fulfill the whole description and more…He’s got this sexy british accent plus those beautiful blue eyes…absolument parfait!

I ADORE this campaign of Dr. Martens called #FirstandForever starring one of my favorite top Agyness Deyn and of course Ash Stymest, here the video named “First Heartbreak”:

Here posing with Cole Mohr (in the right), who I’ll be talking about later ;)

More Ash please!

OMG Merry Ashmas! Can I get a kiss too?

He’s like and alive statemet of “Carpe Diem”  ♥ .

Ps. I’m in love, he’s such a HOT MESS.

Love E ☮

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2 Responses to Bad [GORGEOUS] boy: Ash Stymest

  1. sohini says:

    haha. he sure is hot . he owns the whole badass look

  2. Carolina says:

    damn.. i’ve always loved Ash.. unff.

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