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Editorial: Black leather

Magazine: Fashion for Men

Models: Dimitris Alexandrou and Paul Boche

Photographer: Milan Vukmirovic

I looove this editorial for the second issue of  Fashion for Men: first of all I’m obsessed with the mirrored skateboard, in the other hand the givenchy accessories are flawless.

Guys if you are looking for the perfect piece to complement your outfits here you have the key garments: black leather, edgy accessories like the Hermès cuff and the Givenchy nose ring… keep it simple in black and white with metallic details.


Love E ☮

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Flawless Resort (Chloé)

Beautiful variety, cool designs, relaxed vibe, perfect fabrics/colors & cuts… do I need to go on? Yuup I’m talking about all the collections before the mayor fashion weeks ones start: RESORT 2014.

After seeing all the collections it wasn’t hard to make up our minds and choose our favorite one. Chloé captured the perfect combination between feminine, tailored, minimalist and detailed, plus it has a beautiful color balance.

Maybe our love for this collection comes from the relaxed yet chic silhouettes, the transparencies, the touches of gold in the accessories and those delicate ruffles… *sight* all we want to do is wear every piece all spring/summer long. Don’t you?

ChloéR14_1 ChloéR14_2 ChloéR14_3 ChloéR14_4 ChloéR14_5 ChloéR14_6ChloéR14_7ChloéR14_8 ChloéR14_9 ChloéR14_10 ChloéR14_11 ChloéR14_12ChloéR14_13 ChloéR14_14 ChloéR14_15 ChloéR14_16 ChloéR14_17 ChloéR14_18ChloéR14_19 ChloéR14_20 ChloéR14_21 ChloéR14_22 ChloéR14_23 ChloéR14_24

Emma & Geraldine

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If Santa…

Geraldine’s list


This outfit is perfection can I have it preeetty please?!


I reaaally reaaally want some vacations, anywhere doesn’t matter really, I just want to travel and discover new things.


Just un clou by Cartier so elegant, I’d wear it every single day.



I love working out, these babies will kick some ass at the gym;)


I’m pretty sure this one would keep me warm on those cold days.



I’ve alwaaays wanted a Husky, but lately even more, How cute is this fella? yikes!

 Emma’s list



Although this is a men’s jewelry brand, I fell in love since the very first time I saw the pieces. It is a 100% mexican brand (which I’m really proud of) and everything comes in golden and silver. I’m not kidding when I say that you MUST see the whole two collections.



blk water

Do I have to say more? It is black water!!! Yes, normal water in black. 



Skateboarding is my obsession so you can imagine my reaction when I first saw this boards: speechless! They are so cool and unique! I love them and for real I can’t decide between which one I like the most. Èdition N. 03 is a Brazilian brand.



I need it as much as I need to breathe!!! ok, I’m just kidding, but you gotta agree with me, this is an awesome idea :)

Ps. The model in the picture is Jay Strut.


burgundy lipsticks

I’m obsessed with all kind of lipsticks & nail polishes in red tones, specially the dark ones. Here are my favorite 3 lipstick brands:

1. Chanel Rogue Allure “109 Rogue Noir”

2. YSL Rogue Pur Couture “8-Belle De Rose”

3. Tom Ford “Black Orchid”



A few months ago I saw this t-shirt at missatlaplaya.com and I  immediately knew I had to have it in my closet. As you may noticed I have this little obsession about t-shirts with brands/designers names :) As this as my second and last I hope Santa give me at least one.


Dear readers, No matter what you celebrate this month we hope  it is full of love, sharing and positive vibes. Have an amazing time with your beloved family and friends. Enjoy your dinner and all the presents you may receive. We wish you all the very best!!!!



Emma & Geraldine.

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Cover’s Maniac: December 2012

We are officially starting this new segment where you’re gonna see ours [Geraldine’s & Emma’s] favorite magazine’s covers from the month ahead. As long as the new month’s covers start popping out, where gonna add them to the post, so keep refreshing it to see them completely.

Personally I love magazines so much you have no idea!  Every month is like a ritual for me: as soon as I know the new magazines are in  store I gotta go as soon as possible to buy them! It’s an obsession, healthy or not,  I adore the covers, opening the magazines and seeing the editorials, reading the editor’s letter, going through all the pages and falling in love with the art, fashion and writing… So I do buy as many as I can :S shame on me!

As you know, we live in Mexico so some times it is hard to get all the international magazines we love, but mexican issues are a MUST HAVE in my own mags library hahaha. Here my favorites:

I had to start with this one BECAUSE I’m Obsessed with the magazine!!! Issue #3 has 4 covers, this with smoking hooot Jon Kortajarena but let me tell you that the other 3 are amazing aswell: Simon Nessman, a beautiful model with a sassy hat & dress and another model with a MMMargiela crystal face mask. Here are these 3 other.

This is one of my Mexican must haves: Vogue México with Coco Rocha looking stunning in a golden Elie Saab.

Second must have: Harper’s Bazaar with hoot Salma Hayek in the cover.

Nicola Formichetti as guess editor of Dazed & Confused, there are 4 covers but I couldn’t decide between these 2, love them!

Kate Moss by Mario Testino in Vogue Spain.

Thomas Sottong in the Fall/Winter 2012 L’officiel Hommes Germany.

Vogue Korea.

Marion Cotillard in Dior for  W magazine.

Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Uk.


Loving the multiple covers from Teen Vogue, obviously this is my favorite with Zayn Malik in it :)

Yeah why not?! The Directioners got another cover, this time obviously is the “Obsessed” issue of Wonderland Nov-Dec.


Coco Rocha in Canadian magazine Fashion. Lovely isn’t it?

Taylor Swift in Harper’s Bazaar Us.

Cara Delevingne and Grace Coddington for i-D.

Dsection issue #5 with gorgeous Sean O’Pry and Estee Rammant.

As you may know, Fucking Young! is one of my favorite fashion blogs and they are launching their first magazine!! Couldn’t be more excited about “The blond issue” featuring Sebastian Suavé in the cover. Get the magazine here!

Harper’s Bazaar Spain with a beautiful black & white cover. Pure art.

Love Emma

Oh magazines! they always seem to have this sort of spell on me making me wanting them all, they’re sooo dreamy its like you are traveling to this little magical world where everything happens to be perfect. I could seriously spend one ENTIRE day with nothing more than magazines, tons of them. I used to have a problem or as my mom once said: “you’re a magazine-junkie this has to stop”. (I was buying more than 5 mags each month, and refused to get rid of old ones imagine the overload invasion of magazines in my room) So I checked into Rehab as Amy would sing and I manage to recover ;) Today I just buy the least possible, maybe two hehehe :P and mayybee just one it depends on how much I “love” the content, or if the cover really stands out, or  that really interesting article about something I didn’t knew, or something I really liked, once I just bought a magazine because of an article on Acne’s HQ’s. (Acne is among my favorite labels)

p.s. my room is still invaded with magazines sorry mom hahahah ;)

anyway, here are my picks:

Gorgeous Doutzen Kroes in Vogue NL she is amazing.

Lara Stone for i-D I love the fact that i-D has multiple covers, and this one is cool, buuut Grace Coddington’s is the coolest of  them all. I just realized they made Lara’s hair a little bit a la Grace’s C.  Don’t you think?

 It would be cool trying to ride a horse in a classy, elegant dress, though I’m not too keen of this one.

Marion Cotillard looks so glamorous in here.

Bon Magazine is one of my favourites.

 The dress is just stunning in this Vogue’s Germany.

Hairy-hairy Vogue Japan

Styleby’s latest issue, I’m suucchh a BIG fan of this one.

                                                                                                                        xx Geraldine

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A solo cross earring, black leather and militar airs, what else could it be but Balmain… the new Homme S/S ’13 lookbook has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more exited about it.

Since the first time I saw these pictures I was captured by their essence, that timeless feeling that projects; it is a vision so full of a cool guy who has a perfect sense of who he is and what he wants BUT at the same time he is enjoying every little second of his life. Chic and passionate. Irreverent and modern. Classic and edgy. I could go on and on sorry guys, please enjoy the pictures.

Model: Janis Ancens

Photography: Karim Sadli

First favorite look.

Second favorite look: can’t ger enough of those awesome pants!

Third favorite look: just a piece of perfection.

Don’t you feel like we are living an iconic phase of Balmain? God save Monsieur Rousteing  and his incredible team and please permit this phase to last many many years!

Do you want to see more about this collection? Please click here.

Ps. Photos taken from Fucking Young!.

Love E ☮

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Believe it or not but I wait religiously for this video to come out after every single season. Let me say this time Justin Wu proved his better with his last version of the “Boys and girls of Fashion Week” video which aside from great songs (in this case “Do you want to” by Franz Ferdinand) we can see to the pleasure of our eyes the most it models and a favorite it girl all dancing and singing together.


The video takes part in the main fashion capitals of the world, from Milan to Paris to New York, London, Shangai and Beijing. We can delightfully see Francisco Lachowski with Arthur Sales doing a little of capoeira; then gorgeous Olivia Palermo rocking it with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl in the guitar along with a band of hot models dressed in Frankie Morello suits (MAGNIFICENT!). Karlie Kloss appears in a super haute couture gown as well as her companions in a elegant salon in Paris; then there is River Viiperi shirtless and dancing, more wow-models, attractive models, eye candy models… to end up with the ultimate Dolce & Gabbana sport fragrance face, Adam Senn, singing on the top of a bus through the streets of the Big Apple. I also spotted Ming Xi and Alexandre Cunha having fun and is that a little bit of gangnam dancing?! Hmmm….

That’s what I call a heavenly fashion video. THANK YOU JUSTIN WU AND VOGUE PARIS!


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Love E ☮

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men + skirts = winning formula

I could have never imagine that one day I would use “men” and “skirts” in the same sentence, I mean with the “wear” verb in between…..so the time has come and the verdict is: I LOVE IT!

Yes, you read it right! I love the idea of men dressed in skirts. I  personally find this action to be very sexy, courageous, modern and MASCULINE! We’re supposed to live in this new era that is totally open-minded and bla bla bla so I don’t know how there is still people who find it crazy and just gay. For me is like any men could wear skirts, no matter age, race, personal believes or whatever!

I want to show you some of my favorite men-in-skirts momentums:

1. This is so eye candy! C’mon is just elegant, cool, modern and so stylish. Is my first favorite <3

2. Ok if you are feeling strange about nothing covering your legs completely or if you’re not still ready for a skirt this is a good way to start: layering a skirt with pants.

3. This look is so effortless and relaxed, is just about letting yourself go and have fun.

4. So if you are not quite sure about skirts yet then try out these super wide shorts to get the look and again layer them with some pants. By the way I love the sweater.

5. Second favorite outfit! and the jeans complement it perfectly. So Paris chic!

6. Again here you have another natural look.

7. For me Marc Jacobs is the “skirts king” he looks so handsome and sharp in them, I love him. In my perspective he is mastering the skirts to a whole new chic/sexy level.

8. This outfit look goes to Pelayo Díaz. Rocking a Comme Des Garçons kilt and Givency accessories.

Talking about Givenchi, here is the Givenchy trio:

A perfectly well done Givenchy head-to-toe look. I would totally date him hahaha.

Gorgeous Luis Borges.

Sean O’Pry for the latest issue of Dansk.

So how do you feel now about the wearing skirts issue? Did I change your mind a little? Ok let me see your opinion in the comments below.

Ps. Images taken from: The Sartorialist, Stockholm streetstyle, Kate loves me (Pelayo Díaz site), Tumblr and Facebook.

Love E ☮

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