Christmas is here…

Christmas is here and Stylish Minds wishes you a Merryyyyyy and Verryyyyyy Happy Christmas full of happiness, joy and peace with your beloved ones, we hope you had an amazing day! May all your wishes come true, and the best always!!! now we gotta go and eat eat all the freakin’ delicious christmas food.

xX Geraldine & Emma

My desired list

If santa told me I’d be granted with everything I ask for I’d definitely ask for:

I think images speak for themselves.



I could have done a 1000 long wishlist but I tried to be “objective” and just share with you my most important must haves in this time of my life.


Actually is the MacBook Air  ❤ my number one craving!


OH MY GOD! by this time you must know I’m a huge fan of Brazil and Brazilians and Francisco Lachowski is my favorite! :)


I have a pretty long list of books I have to read and magazines I would love to have, here the main ones:

Marc Jacobs by Bridget Foley, in Assouline.

Made in Brazil Magazine #4 (any issue is perfect for me).

-The Youth Issue of Fiasco Magazine with this cover.

God wears lipstick by Karen Berg.


This laptop skin is GORGEOUS! is made of black leather and has studs = pure perfection!


 I want so bad a profesional camera!


It was love at first sight with the french bulldog in black&white.


I’m a Coldplay lover and I truly cannot believe I don’t have this cd in my hands but this matter is finishing tomorrow. You can buy it here.


I ADORE the Céline Boston bag is absolutely beautiful.


I have this big obssession about skulls and studs. This mini skull diamond earrings are from Jennifer Fisher. The stunning bracelet is from Luv Aj.


And the last but not the least thing in my wishlist is a big box full of this Good vibes spray for using it  everday in every situacion. (Next millionare idea).

Love Emma ☮

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2 Responses to Christmas is here…

  1. Patricia says:

    You can get the Good Vibes Spray here! :-)!shop/c1mdv

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