If Santa…

Geraldine’s list


This outfit is perfection can I have it preeetty please?!


I reaaally reaaally want some vacations, anywhere doesn’t matter really, I just want to travel and discover new things.


Just un clou by Cartier so elegant, I’d wear it every single day.



I love working out, these babies will kick some ass at the gym;)


I’m pretty sure this one would keep me warm on those cold days.



I’ve alwaaays wanted a Husky, but lately even more, How cute is this fella? yikes!

 Emma’s list



Although this is a men’s jewelry brand, I fell in love since the very first time I saw the pieces. It is a 100% mexican brand (which I’m really proud of) and everything comes in golden and silver. I’m not kidding when I say that you MUST see the whole two collections.



blk water

Do I have to say more? It is black water!!! Yes, normal water in black. 



Skateboarding is my obsession so you can imagine my reaction when I first saw this boards: speechless! They are so cool and unique! I love them and for real I can’t decide between which one I like the most. Èdition N. 03 is a Brazilian brand.



I need it as much as I need to breathe!!! ok, I’m just kidding, but you gotta agree with me, this is an awesome idea :)

Ps. The model in the picture is Jay Strut.


burgundy lipsticks

I’m obsessed with all kind of lipsticks & nail polishes in red tones, specially the dark ones. Here are my favorite 3 lipstick brands:

1. Chanel Rogue Allure “109 Rogue Noir”

2. YSL Rogue Pur Couture “8-Belle De Rose”

3. Tom Ford “Black Orchid”



A few months ago I saw this t-shirt at missatlaplaya.com and I  immediately knew I had to have it in my closet. As you may noticed I have this little obsession about t-shirts with brands/designers names :) As this as my second and last I hope Santa give me at least one.


Dear readers, No matter what you celebrate this month we hope  it is full of love, sharing and positive vibes. Have an amazing time with your beloved family and friends. Enjoy your dinner and all the presents you may receive. We wish you all the very best!!!!



Emma & Geraldine.

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