Flawless Resort (Chloé)

Beautiful variety, cool designs, relaxed vibe, perfect fabrics/colors & cuts… do I need to go on? Yuup I’m talking about all the collections before the mayor fashion weeks ones start: RESORT 2014.

After seeing all the collections it wasn’t hard to make up our minds and choose our favorite one. Chloé captured the perfect combination between feminine, tailored, minimalist and detailed, plus it has a beautiful color balance.

Maybe our love for this collection comes from the relaxed yet chic silhouettes, the transparencies, the touches of gold in the accessories and those delicate ruffles… *sight* all we want to do is wear every piece all spring/summer long. Don’t you?

ChloéR14_1 ChloéR14_2 ChloéR14_3 ChloéR14_4 ChloéR14_5 ChloéR14_6ChloéR14_7ChloéR14_8 ChloéR14_9 ChloéR14_10 ChloéR14_11 ChloéR14_12ChloéR14_13 ChloéR14_14 ChloéR14_15 ChloéR14_16 ChloéR14_17 ChloéR14_18ChloéR14_19 ChloéR14_20 ChloéR14_21 ChloéR14_22 ChloéR14_23 ChloéR14_24

Emma & Geraldine

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