men + skirts = winning formula

I could have never imagine that one day I would use “men” and “skirts” in the same sentence, I mean with the “wear” verb in between… the time has come and the verdict is: I LOVE IT!

Yes, you read it right! I love the idea of men dressed in skirts. I  personally find this action to be very sexy, courageous, modern and MASCULINE! We’re supposed to live in this new era that is totally open-minded and bla bla bla so I don’t know how there is still people who find it crazy and just gay. For me is like any men could wear skirts, no matter age, race, personal believes or whatever!

I want to show you some of my favorite men-in-skirts momentums:

1. This is so eye candy! C’mon is just elegant, cool, modern and so stylish. Is my first favorite <3

2. Ok if you are feeling strange about nothing covering your legs completely or if you’re not still ready for a skirt this is a good way to start: layering a skirt with pants.

3. This look is so effortless and relaxed, is just about letting yourself go and have fun.

4. So if you are not quite sure about skirts yet then try out these super wide shorts to get the look and again layer them with some pants. By the way I love the sweater.

5. Second favorite outfit! and the jeans complement it perfectly. So Paris chic!

6. Again here you have another natural look.

7. For me Marc Jacobs is the “skirts king” he looks so handsome and sharp in them, I love him. In my perspective he is mastering the skirts to a whole new chic/sexy level.

8. This outfit look goes to Pelayo Díaz. Rocking a Comme Des Garçons kilt and Givency accessories.

Talking about Givenchi, here is the Givenchy trio:

A perfectly well done Givenchy head-to-toe look. I would totally date him hahaha.

Gorgeous Luis Borges.

Sean O’Pry for the latest issue of Dansk.

So how do you feel now about the wearing skirts issue? Did I change your mind a little? Ok let me see your opinion in the comments below.

Ps. Images taken from: The Sartorialist, Stockholm streetstyle, Kate loves me (Pelayo Díaz site), Tumblr and Facebook.

Love E ☮

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19 Responses to men + skirts = winning formula

  1. Andy says:

    I wear a skirt most of the time. If you’ve never tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing

    • stylishminds says:

      That’s what I’m talking about! That’s the attiude! XX

    • Patagoniakid says:

      Absolutely correct… Went through life for decades not knowing (never dreamed of trying on a skirt) and after a bet of sorts did and am now hooked! A skirt makes far more sense for a guy than pants most of the time yet guys don’t have a clue. How do you get the typical socially conditioned, homophobic idiot to open their mind? Any guy that tries on a short skirt instead of pants on a hot day will NOT give up the skirt… you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink issue exists…

  2. Richard says:

    I am an avid skirt wearer. I am also expanding my wardrobe with tights and full lengths.

  3. Mara says:

    Skirts are the most comfortable piece of clothes, and men looking fabulous in it. I like it very much

    • stylishminds says:

      aren’t them? I love how guys look in them, hope this trend just get bigger and bigger around de world :)

      • mitmar says:

        They will!!! It might take time but it is coming, slowly but steady. And people get use to it.
        I am wearing very often skirts, and wherever I go, people excited, very friendly to me, but always like to talk about. And that’s okay with me.

      • stylishminds says:

        That is so sweet of you! And you’re right people will look as something normal sooner than we think ;) In the meantime enjoy it and make it part of your awesome style :)

    • Irishguy says:

      Hi Mara, I wish more women would have the same outlook as you have !

  4. Patagoniakid says:

    Nice to see some people with an open mind here. Skirts obviously make more sense for the male anatomy than for a female yet the western world has a “problem” with men in skirts! Women with their more open minds did adopt mens pants 55 years ago but men haven’t changed their boring boring wardrobe in 150 years! Seems like homophobia is built into the culture or they are simply sexually insecure…

    Guys can easily wear skirts (and have far longer than women throughout time). Check these guys in skirts and notice they still look like men just as women in pants still look like women:

    Any guy who is man enough to try on a short skirt on a hot day I submit to you will not give it up! They are that good!

    PS: A Kilt IS a Skirt by definition! A kilt is usually a tartan, hot heavy and expensive skirt and completely unnecessary when there are thousands of styles of skirts for women and some are perfect for the guys like “Cargo Mini Skirts”…

  5. Mara says:

    Guys! Yesterday I saw two MEN in skirted garments at a reception. One wore a knee-length skirt with black thigh highs, the other a jumper with stockings. But both in a man-shirt with tie, Stunning!!

  6. jokoo says:

    I wear skirts (kilt-style and pleated skirts) and people like it. I’d also notice that many times some people even did not SEE that I am wearing a skirt instead shorts. I think that is a good sign, too.

  7. Mara says:

    Jokoo, I agree. That’s one of the problems that people often to not notice what others wearing, especially if the ‘other” is a man.
    In my opinion it should not discussed in public if men can wear skirted garments or not, it is always a question to the person. Women do have all the freedom they want when it comes to attire, and men must have the same possibilities. I am just sick reading negative comments, mostly from women about men in skirts. Does all those people know that the skirt is a MEN”s garment originally? Women were supposed to be dressed only in long dresses, and almost all what they are wearing today is borrowed out of me’s wardrobe. That’s the truth.

  8. Steven soderquist says:

    I love skirts I wear skirts to. So be a man and wear a skirt

  9. Thomas says:

    Those guys in the pictures look so coooool. It is a perfect match. I hope that this trend does not stop or I have to discard three skirts and four or five sarongs and that is a waste. And I am a sixty seven. I might be older than the guys in the pictures but my mind is clear and fashion conscience.
    I love to wear my sarong in public.

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