CROSIÈRES 2013 [part deux]

Resort collections are popping out! and god they’re gooodd!! good enough to make  you drool over them and going crazy in love just like Beyoncé.

I’d like to share some of my favourites, it wasn’t easy deciding which one’s I liked the best, so I ended up with a massive amount of pictures.

Hope you like them as well ;)

10 Crosby Derek Lam

I’d like to match these prints.


Constructed jacket and those  perfect pair of shoes!

Jeeeezz! true love does exist, just ask these amazing babies! goin’ crazy with those shoes.


Paris written all around

Phillip Lim

I haven’t worn or intended to wear an overall since I was a little girl,but given this amazing leather fella I might change my mind ;)


Acne is always one of my faves, but I wasn’t that excited about the money prints they had on some pieces, so I chose this two looks which I believe are the best.

Though I could not lie to you, and I must admit this look is just perfect! so white, and minimalistic love it!


Perfect pop of blue.

Barbara Bui

ok I went more than crazy with this one, I was liking every single piece, however I did manage to choose a reasonable amount of pictures.

Alexander Wang

I’d written about Alexander Wang probably like zillion times, but I’ll never get tired of him, he is one of my tops so it was pretty obvious :P

Prabal Gurung

Calvin Klein

So clean and minimalistic, just how I like

Stella Mccartney


Oh Phoebe, you ALWAYS make me fall in love with your exquisite taste, clean silhoutes, and perfect cuts.

Theysken’s Theory

This collection was probably the one that caught my eye immediately, I’m a big fan of Mr. Theyskens.

Proenza Schouler

Jack and Lazaro you did a magnificent job in here.

Well, you can notice pretty quick which ones where my ultimate favourites :P


–  Geraldine

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