Happy Birthday Marc Jacobs!

Today is the birthday of two of my favorite fashion people in  the  whole world: my beloved Marc Jacobs and stylish Anna Dello Russo :) But this time I’m focusing the post just in Marc… Don’t take me wrong its not that I don’t adore Anna but right now Mr. Jacobs is such an inspiring person to me, that is why I want to honor him.

He is such a special designer to me, is not only because of his collections is also about how much he has grown in the past years as human being, let me explain you the reasons why I admire him so much…..

First of all;  the amazing  physical transformation he had and I love how he looks nowadays (Marc is such a hottie!). He is like my thinspiration! hahahaha

Second;  obviously it  has to be his creations: from the beautiful clothes and accessories Marc does for his own label to the ultra feminine and sophisticated collections for Louis Vuitton and hey, he has a bookstore too, “BookMarc”  pretty cool huh? Does he ever sleeps? seems like he’s constantly working.

Third; He seems like such a  chill and cool person, like you can have lots of fun with him. I think his tattoos show this, they’re full of fun from sponge bob to M&M’s, to himself drawn like a character from “The Simpsons”. Incredible sense of humor right? And the fact he wears skirts ufff and don’t care about what other people may think is WOW!

And the last but not least; we both share love for Brazil!! hahaha

and I could say a million things about him, but this gotta stop! LOL anyways

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Mr. Jacobs!!!!! :)


Love, Emma<3

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