France, Je t’aime!!

Two style guides for hommes sophistiqués (sorry couldn’t resist to write it in French)  :)

Jon Kortajarena and Nicolas Ripoll appear in the April issue of GQ France…. Oh là là!

“La legende de Jimmy”

This photoshoot is all about reinventing the legendary style of James Dean and Jon did it perfectly. He has Dean’s silhouette and hair and reinterprets that mysterious/sexy look that keep us dreaming about. Plus those big glasses fit him so well, is the right combination between that guy who is intelligent, hot, has a bad-boy kind of attitude but at the same time is so cute and sweet…..

I love this picture! Is totally James Dean style.


  “Le blazer a la Française en 10 leçons”

In the other hand this editorial is totally dedicated for you my beloved male readers because if you love blazers but only have one idea in your mind about how to wear them, don’t worry! GQ gives you 10 different blazer looks. They are really easy, stylish and masculine outfits you can use for every-day or for a special occasion.

Don’t be afraid to use layers with your blazer, wear it with sweatshirts, vests, light cardigans or sweaters. Please don’t marry with the idea that blazers are just for formal looks, try to match them with distressed/wear out jeans and a pair of sneakers.

The thing is to have fun mixing colors, textures and patterns, let yourself go crazy about it and I promise the result is gonna be genius and you’re going to establish your own style :) Let the inspiration starts:

This is my favorite outfit: take the risk to mix a pattern blazer with a printed shirt and jeans in pop colors.

Love E ☮

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