God save McQueen ♕

If there is one show I never want to miss and a brand that every piece of their collection is what I call pure perfection is Alexander McQueen’s.

Two days ago Sara Burton, creative director of McQueen, presented the Autumn/Winter 12-13 collection at the London Fashion Week and It couldn’t be more stunning!

I think dramatic, theatrical and militar with a touch of “dark romanticism” as Tiziana Cardini says is the best way to describe the beautiful garments.

I adore the color pallet that goes from olive/militar green and black through grey and blue to wine, touches of bright colors and as a great finale white in all its great splendor.

We can see statement coats emphasized with waist black belts, block colors in militar green and beige.

This is the kind of dresses and skirts I totally adore from McQueen, the rounded shape and that symmetrical embroidery.

Knit dresses and sweater matched with leather trousers, shirts and coats>Big fall trend.

I love this structured coat, it looks so strong…

I love this look, is such alternative.

This is my first favorite dress from the collection.

The blazer is beautiful, so tailored and unique.

This one is my second favorite dress. I love the contrast between the black lace in the shoulders and the bright colors of the flowers and the A-shape of the skirt ♥

And this is my third favorite dress. I’m in love, is so retro and romantic but at the same time kind of dark and modern.


Genius Sara Burton


Love E ☮

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