Sh*t Fashion Girls say!

“O.P.I, Bryanboy, styling, streetstyle, Céline, Tommy Ton” Does these sounds familiar to you? if it does, then you obviously are into fashion.

We were browsing the web when we bumped into these super fun and hilarious videos that absolutely worth blogging. Some fashion insiders claim all this is so true but we still have our doubts.

How do you feel about them? What do you think?

These were some of our favourite quotes:

*”I’m convinced Daphne Guinness and Karl Lagerfeld are secretly the same person”

*”She’s my thinspiration.”

*”Is that Essie or O.P.I”

*”Do you think Tommy Ton want to shoot these shoes?”

*”Uhh I heard Bryanboy was here

*”It was a great collection, TERRIBLE styling.”

*”HASHTAG chictothenextlev”

Ohh who are we fooling in here, we love every single phrase of the videos <3

xx Geraldine&Emma


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