Holiday dressing-Part I

We are just 5 days away from Christmas and this week is crucial for those who hasn’t an idea of what to wear in the Christmas Eve dinner so take a notebook and a pencil (just kidding! just take a mental note) and let’s start with the brainstorm…

This time I wanted to show you the holiday collections from two brands which are accessible and supposedly easy to find; and also some mixed-branded outfits just for letting your imagination flyaway.

*Let me tell you this is gonna be the first of two posts*

In first place we have Topman, with a more relaxed, fresh and younger look either casual or formal:

Guys don’t complicate yourselves, just pair up a nice Christmas sweater plus jeans. Nice!

Patterned sweater + plain sweater +  jeans

Patterned t-shirt + leather (or any) jacket +  jeans

Now we have sweater + jacket

Don’t forget accessories: caps, scarves, gloves…

Be risky! Dotted shirt + bow tie = PERFECT COMBINATION!

Or if you prefer something classier, here you have two WOW suits. Please check out the leopard print tie AWESOME! (again be risky but at the same time keep the self-awareness in mind).

Now you don’t have any excuses for not start thinking about how is gonna be your outfit this holidays and for more ideas don’t miss the next post ;)

PS. Want to know more about this Xmas collection? enter Topman.

Love E ☮

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