I love when magazines actually care about giving to all their readers a Christmas present, without them knowing about it. This time it is Glamour Mexico who’s publishing a completely amazing photoshoot + interview of a made in Brazil guy and runway favorite, who am I talking about? it can’t be anyone else but the one and unique Marlon Teixeira.

We have recently seen his beautiful baby face in all kind of ad’s and editorials like the Armani Exchange campaign, in Vogue Spain,  Elle Man Mexico or Made in Brazil Magazine too, among many others. And it is inevitable not to look at him, I mean he is a natural eyecandy: perfect nose, kissable lips, dreaming eyes and a greek sculptured body OMG! A head-to-toe sexiness bomb!

Is amazing how fast this 20 year old model had become a top, but looking at his runways, photoshoots and poses we discover why and is pure divine justice.

Well enough of reading and let begging enjoying the pictures from Glamour Mexico:

And as a plus (because I love you my readers so much), here you have Marlon himself in an interview for Armani Exchange TV, notice his lovely portuguese accent, is like music to my ears :)

C’mon by just seeing the pictures I can’t do anything else but smile and sigh.

Ps. If you want to see more pictures, ’cause believe me there is more, you can see them here.

Love E ☮

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