The Cap…

I just think of 4 reasons why somebody would wear a baseball cap

1) Being a baseball fan

2) Wanting to hide from the sun or anything

3) Having a bad hair day

4) Actually liking them

Well obviously those are my own opinions as I don’t find caps to be very exciting to wear.

Well that was until this season, while I was catching up with all of the collections, I’ve  noticed some of them  were including “the cap” as an accesory to spice  up a little bit the ensembles. Then it was a matter of time, when all of sudden the cap was transformed as “the it accesory” to have this fall. First I’ve noticed them at the Givenchy show where Riccardo Tisci made these caps with some sort of panther’s ears to match with the panther’s prints he had made in skirts and tops. I found them very cute and was liking the idea, then I noticed them in Miu Miu also and so on and so on. Until of course they had reached the streets and they were on streetstyle also, and I was actually wishing I had my very own “baseball cap” I completely changed my mind when some streetstyle photos proved me wrong and showed me how stylish they can be. I think they are best worn with loose and easy hair. Well now I know I have to get one and spice up some outfits, though I still have my doubts ,but wouldn’t  it be super cute and stylish the ones from Givenchy? I bet Mr. Amancio aka Zara can make some; bear’s ears maybe? LOL :D  I’ve noticed how fashion always surprises me and I think that’s one of the things I like the most.

Anyway grab your very own cap and rock the streets! ;)


                                                               Miu Miu

                                                     my  fave   Acne

                               streetstyle seen from behind

                                                    Elin  surely  knows how to sport it

                                         Emelie Johansson cap amazing outfit!

                  Outfit I made which I  just find  perfect for rocking the  trend.

Xx Geraldine

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