I gotta admit that throught my veins runs a rock n’ roll gene that loves to appear from time to time and that makes me dress all in black with sparkles of white and brilliant yellows, pinks, greens, blues or oranges.

I have a special obsession for skulls: from pashminas (the ones from Sir Mcqueen are the bests.), t-shirts, rings, purses, little earrings, bracelets or any other accessories with an skull pattern or impressions.

Here is my golden wishlist, in one hand I have this crazy obsession with Alexander Mcqueen accessories:

God save Alexander Mcqueen!

I love it!

Orange + gold skulls = c’mon it’s a perfect combination.

In the other hand I just love Zadig & Voltaire and its noveau collection Autumn/Winter. Here I included some pieces that although they have no skulls I adore them and wish I could have them all ;)

It’s amazing! Just look at the skull monogram canvas ♥

Lovely butterflies inserted :)


Ps. Go visit their sites—> and

Love E ☮

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