Francesco Cominelli R.I.P. †

Every time I hear a great character is gone it makes me so sad and reflexive about all their accomplishments in their life.

If it is sad saying goodbye to an elderly person, is saddest to let go a pretty young talent from one day to another.

The worst is that two geniuses left us unexpectedly. Yesterday it was Steve Jobs, a technology god and creator of the beloved company Apple. Today as we were trying to recover about the shocking news, Francesco Cominelli, Fashion Editor at Vogue Hommes International passed away this morning. There are not many details about his dead yet these matters are not the ones who people that admire him care about.

Francesco will always be remembered for his fashion eye and exquisite taste and style, which often was captured by all the camera lenses in the streets of the world.

Tommy Ton, a close friend, described his style last fall in a feature for GQ:

“Francesco has a way of wearing clothes in such a way that they become completely unidentifiable on him. You wouldn’t know whether he’s wearing Kenzo or Zegna or a market find; that’s a gift of Francesco’s styling abilities. He has fun layering and mixing patterns, textures, and colors, and it’s refreshingly young and sartorially playful at the same time.”

Monsieur Cominelli was born in Italy in the city of Brescia. When he was younger he studied Graphic Design in High School, later received a diploma in Photography at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

Years after he lived in New York and had an internship at V magazine where he discovered his passion for styling. When he got back to Europe, he moved to Paris for a year internship at Vogue Hommes International.

Later on Francesco returned to Italy and launched a menswear line named “Spazio Ludico”, all made of customized vintage pieces.

He went back again to Paris for working at Vogue Hommes International as Fashion Editor’s, Anastasia Barbieri, assistant. Since 2009 he became himself the Fashion Editor at this important magazine. He alzo did editorials at GQ and Hercules Magazine.

The fashion industry will miss Francesco Cominelli, personally is one of my favorite style & fashion icons, I admire him and his impressive creative soul.

I would like to close this entry with this little Tribute from Vogue Paris:

“Il avait  la jeunesse et la beauté, un sourire rafraichissant comme un spray, une bonne humeur inoxydable, une élégance audacieuse qui électrisait les blogs et un talent des plus prometteurs. Styliste né, assistant d’Anastasia Barbieri, membre de la famille Vogue Hommes International depuis plus de cinq ans, Francesco Cominelli nous a quittés. Toutes nos pensées vont à sa famille et ses proches dont nous partageons l’immense chagrin.”- Olivier Lalanne.

Rest in peace great Francesco Cominelli.

Ps. Sources from GQ

Love E ☮

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