PFW – Balmain ♛

Balmain is one of my favorite brands, i love the structure of the garments, the colors, the patterns and figures. I don’t know how to describe its style, I’m between eclectic and chic with a rock n’ roll soul.

This Spring/Summer 12 collection was all about a huge expectation ; Olivier Rousteing the new head at Balmain,  let me say and for sure you must agree: he did an absolument parfait job.

Olivier showed a beautiful color palette conformed basically by gold, black, lightly sky blue and white. Fabrics went from leather and cotton to jean.

Every piece has so much strength, is like an alive statement.  Women that wear Balmain must have a certain attitude, a strong and unique form of providing the clothes with a magic glow.

I specially love the gorgeous short dresses that stick to the body as a second skin, the leggings and the big white&gold bracelets and waist-belts.

Anyway I could go on and on flattering Balmain but you would get bored, so I’ll leave you with the amazing photos, because “a picture can say more than words”…

 details!  PERFECT.



Loved the shoulders.

OMG the skirt!

“THE blazer”

♥ it!

One of my favorite dresses.

Ps. photos  from

Love E ☮

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One Response to PFW – Balmain ♛

  1. tymbre says:

    Like seriously, my stomach get’s weak just looking at these photos! So sick, I love Balmain.


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