Summer blocking, Summer lovin’

I love summer! Is one of my most waited seasons of all year. But I feel this time summer is especially full of color everywhere, just look at the big color blocking trend which I totally love.

In summer you can never go wrong because is all about vacations, beach, sun, surf, perfect bodies, tanning, color, going out with friends, having a summer love, traveling to a new place……!

Fashion world splashes with all types and shades of colors. I love all the Spring/Summer collections; designers always create fabulous colorful garments keeping them very light and simple.

I don’t know why but I feel more risky and free when I put together looks for summer: the ingredients for getting an A+ outfit is have fun mixing colors, the result? Fresh- eye catching styles.

And c’mon! is not to difficult to match colors together you just have to give it a try and experiment until you become an expert. Also there are no boundaries when we talk about “wearing colors”. They can be worn in women & men, in clothes, shoes, accessories and even in make-up. But is not going crazy with color and every time you dress up to look like an alive rainbow, you can just add some touches of color to your look, remember is all about details: a belt, your purse or backpack, the shoes, your glasses or a simple bracelet.

So just keep enjoying summer and have lots of fun. I leave you with some pictures that for me represent the summer mood.

Cambridge Satchel

Ohh Sebastian!
Proenza SchoulerPrada please!

Missoni ♥ HavaianasRemember if you’re not the colorful guy type, a simple detail will do.

Love it for a day in the beach!

Isabel Marant

Don’t you love him?!

Love E ☮

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