Theyskens’ Theory Resort 2012

Its been so long since the last post, :( I’ll  update more!

Designers showed their Resorts Collections a couple of days ago. One of my favourites was Theyskens’ Theory from belgian designer Olivier Theyskens. He showed us faded washed denim pieces  giving us  an 80’s flashback , perfectly tailored blazers and cardigans. Dresses, skirts  some of them with  lovely prints and some of them in his already known dark ensembles. But I think my favorite part was that the models were wearing polarized-like sunglasses giving all of them a very futuristic look.

Los diseñadores han  presentado sus colecciones Resort 2012. Y una de mis favoritas ha sido Theyskens’ Theory, del diseñador belga Olivier Theyskens. Nos enseñó mezclilla deslavada llevandonos a los ochentas, chaquetas, blazers, y cardigans. Vestidos y faldas algunos de ellos con estampados primaverales y coloridos y otros oscuros como ya es habitual en el. Mi parte favorita fueron los lentes con todo el look, Pienso que realmente le dio ese toque especial a la colección y un look futurista.

_ Geraldine

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  1. Olivia says:

    Theory I love it! great post:)

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