Say Whisky!

There’s a lot of ways to express art and I think one of the truly forms is photography. Each picture taken capture a very specific moment in life, a unique one that’s never going back again. I admire the simplicity one shot carriage, it captures the present, the way how the nature manifests its grandeur, how the people let out their feelings and opinions, the way great buildings are still standing or just you can appreciate pretty little commercial things in our daily lives like a can of soda thrown on an empty street.

Photos can go from superficial to deepness or from happiness to the image of a city’s massive destruction.

I get daily inspiration from photos I see from different sources like from my favorite blogs to mental pictures I take from the street. Photos “feed” me in some kind of way, they make me happy, they make me wanna innovate, they help me remember and learn new things and they inspire me to create new things ♥…..

So to sum all these up I’ll let you with my inspirational pieces of the moment :)

Leather jackets, specially the ones from Burberry Prorsum.

Trying to define a perfect apartment.

Romanticism, love…Ginnifer, God i love your style!

I gotta learn how to surf :)Can’t live without quotes.I love my truly bff’s! My ultimate obsessions: skulls & skateboard

Love E ☮

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