Style is timeless…

The past days I’ve been thinking about fashion and all the collections and seasons, designers, fashionistas, etc, etc, and what I’ve come out with is that what is really important is the style that characterizes you.

You can have all the money of the world and be able to buy all the expensive clothes that just had been on the runway few minutes ago, but if you don’t have the skill to put clothes nicely together = style, money doesn’t matter. I mean I’ve met lots of humble people who I admire their looks although they don’t wear designer clothes.

Coco had lots of reason “La mode passe, le style reste”. If you have your own style, you can be 10 year old or 80 and you’ll be stylish forever not caring about what trend is making a revolution on the magazines.

I really appreciate people with style, people that take a moment in the morning for choosing from their wardrobe something to put on.  I love seeing in the street people dressed in an original way that stand out from the rest.

In this occasion I want to demostrate my theory by showing you some pictures of old stylish people, I really admire them all. You can see that at their age they still conserve their fashion essence and style, they look amazing! I dare to say that in the process of growing and getting older you refine and perfect your style.

I really think these people look better than lots of younger “fashionistas-called” guys. In the future I wanna be like them ♥

Here is Nick Wooster, Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services, he’s such an stylish gentleman and I LOVE his style. He’s always looking very elegant in his seem custom made suits.

Contanza Pascolato from Vogue Brazil, she is so refine and elegant.

Perct stripes combination.

I’ve had always consider asian people so stylish and creative…

Ohhh and what can is say from italian people…

Lee radziwill, american actress and writer, older sister of  Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy (another lovely stylish woman). It seems that the style comes from family :)

Just look at the combination: orange jacket with the pocket’s handkerchief, white folded pants and snickers, absolutely fabulous!

Simple but so elegant.

Perfectly layered.

“Mrs. B, Joan Burstein, the fairy godmother of fashion designers” JO Craven

Ohh the mustache and the shoes…

Carine, had to be on the list, I think no more comments have to be done, you know her well…

Oh how lovely is he, don’t you think?

And the greater Italian painter Francesco Clemente, well known from his surrealist and expressionist work.

Well here are some stylish people who I consider extreamly classy icons and who I enjoy seeing their pictures on streetstyle blogs, their spot is fairly deserved.

Ps. All the photos are from The Sartorialist one of mi must daily-seen blog.

Love E

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