Happy Birthday Marc Jacobs and Anna Dello Russo!

I got something to confess: I love so much birthdays and more if they are of my favorite people.

Today is such a special day because is the birthday of two of my most beloved fashion icons: Marc Jacobs and Anna Dello Russo ♥

Let’s start with Marc :) He is such a talented American designer, I truly admire him for all that he has accomplish in life. I mean: from his magnifique collections that gives us every season, to how he has gone through life and had got over illness and recovered his health in such an amazing way… And please you gotta agree that he is gorgeous and so hot! hahaha

Moving on, we have the great fashionista Anna Dello Russo, OMG! I love how she expresses herself through fashion, her style is amazing: so fresh, colorful, unique, sometimes dramatic/crazy, elegant and so supreme. Also another think I admire about her, besides her huge wardrobe, is her attitude, although she is one of the most influent icon in the fashion industry, she still talks with simpleness and humility.

Thoughts of two stylish minds wishes the best to these extraordinary fashion characters in their day :)

Love E

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