Alexander Wang

I was looking at a bunch of magazine images searching  for  inspiration when all of a sudden I run into this  black ensemble  with an urban, grunge,  vibe. I immediately get captivated by this image, everything was making sense to me, either it was  one new  talented designer that I didn’t knew and I had just discovered it or it could be one of my favourites.  And yeah, it was  Alexander Wang! One of my tops.

“Everyone can get  all dressed up but it is how people dress in their off days, that is the most intriguing.”  “ Its during these in between , wayward days when a person’s true style emerges from their everyday life.”    As he states.

Maybe this statement is the reason why his collections are urban, rockin, clean , classic, silhouettes. Always ready to surf the streets.  And yes he has the most amazing basic t’s, and tanks all of his cuts  are perfect.

Mr.  Wang studied at Parsons  but  he dropped out  and just after that, he launched his first collection, women’s ready-to-wear  in 2007. With that bold-urban style but also getting inspired by parisian elements , his first work was a huge success, everyone wanted a piece from Wang style.

Next for Alexander was winning the 2008 Council of Fashion Designers of America Vogue Fashion Fund Award and being supported by none other than Anna Wintour herself.

Model’s , actresses favourite, I mean everyone’s,  who wouldn’t like Alex’s style?   He  keeps going sky high. And is now one of the best in American fashion. Though his young age he has always shown such a big talent, and is an example of how hardwork , dedication, and creativity could lead you up to.

Can’t wait for the years coming, and all of  his works.  He has a looong way to go.I

Pre Spring 2011

must admit I got the Alexander Wang-fever-obsession ever since I first saw his first collection, and it has no longer stop ever since. Mr. Alexander you simply rock!

XX , Geraldine

F/W 2011

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