color palette: a must have!

The new khaki group

So I got to tell you that I’ m a big fan of men style, I mean I really love women’s but , men style has something that catches my eye.

So, after finding this picture I had to share it with you guys, because come on! there’s nothing more pleasant for a girl than a boy well dressed (: and this is a good example that you don’t need to have loads of expensive, extravagant clothes for looking stylish, classy and fashionable. It’s all the way around, with pretty simple pieces, you can put together a whole look: a basic t-shirt+well suited jeans+nice leather jacket+your favorites sneakers= you’ve got the style!

It is not about being really into fashion or about knowing brands or what are the latest trends in fashion weeks. I think style is more about how you mix your wardrobe, how you combine what you have. All these looks are very simple, as you can see with three colors: khaki, black & white, you can have lots of combinations; is all about adding a little drop of creativity,  having fun while you are getting dressed and let yourself influence by your mood, the day, what is on your mind, music or whatever you want.

Just forget about prestablished ideas: when you have to dress up, use a khaki suit instead of a black or navy blue one; for the office use a khaki informal shirt  and add a black tie and pants for making the whole look formal; you can go on and on, these colors look phenomenal together for every different occasion.

As you know, this season is all about camel. So for you my friends khaki is the new black! Don’t be afraid, just express yourself!!

……………………..and include the kakhi palette to your closet!

xoxo E

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